Proyecto software libre venezuelan

The government of kerala, india, announced its official support for freeopensource software in its state it policy of 2001, which was formulated after the firstever free software conference in india, freedom first. Both spanish and english versions of the draft byncsa 3. Summary the purpose of this paper is to describe the design process followed to develop educational software for the teaching and learning of the solar system in the venezuelan school system. Implementacion y utilizacion del software libre en. Venezuela proyectos mision, vision, proposito, proyectos. Software libre en venezuela software libre distribucion. It was created as a solution to cover the needs of the venezuelan government as a response to presidential decree 3,390 that prioritizes the use of free and open source technologies in the public administration. Encuentra project software en mercado libre venezuela.

En esta actividad diversos entes del gobierno bolivariano presentaron sus experiencias, avances y. The public discussion process for the venezuelan adaptation of the byncsa 3. Jean yves simon perez, dayana arevalo, abdias herrera, jose. Most of them are trying to improve their development processes, in order to compite in the international software market. This sector is mainly composed by micro, small and medium size enterprises msme. Ayudar al proyecto gnu y al movimiento del software libre. Canaima gnulinux is an open source operating system. Impacto del software libre en venezuela internet en las. The free software foundation fsf states that canaima gnu linux is not 100% free software.

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